A traditional religious play based on the concept of the ten rebirths of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology, these folk plays are generally performed by the local artists at religious fairs held to propitiate various Gods and Goddesses in mythology, across remote villages in the South Konkan. There are no female artists as the men themselves perform the role of feminine characters. Dashavatar is a tradition that has flourished for about 300 years. These plays do not have any written scripts.

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Glimpses of Konkan-Dashavatar Natya : http://glimpses-konkandashavatarnatya.blogspot.com/

The arrival of the artists

Getting ready for the act

The force behind the effort

Narad - the messenger of the Gods

Embracing the feminine side

The epitome of 'Lavanyavati'!!

Colours of negativity - The Villain

Culture by lamplight

The messenger delivers...

The entire troupe

Reflections of the soul

Lord Ganesha descends, to absolve all sins

Captivating the audience, a bold show of colours

King, God, Idol, Inspiration... Lord Ram, Maryada purushottam

To the beat of the Dolki I beseech you, Lord...

Narayan, Narayan!!!

The Devi flirts, the Brahmachari frowns

Cast of the Ramayan